Blinder Road 250

Blinder Road 250 Black

Blinder Road 250

  • Kraftig lys, spesielt laget for landevei
  • Klokker inn 250 lumens
  • Lyser frem og ned, blender mindre enn tradisjonelle lys
  • Lysetid fra 1-5 timer (I normal modus ca 2,5 timer)
  • 8 forskjellige lys modus.

Mer info

  • LENS : Use of an optic design to provide a balanced ratio of beam width and distance to safely illuminate you and the path ahead.
    CONSTANT BRIGHT TECH : Maintains consistent brightness throughout specified run-time.
    INTEGRATED USB PLUG : Designed to be exposed to the elements, 100% waterproof.
     THERMAL MANAGEMENT : Automatically regulates the light output for optimum performance.
    BIKE ATTACHMENT : Two removable silicone straps for bars 22-28mm & 29-35mm (tool-less attachment).
    MATERIALS : Polycarbonate housing and PMMA Lens. Hard-anodised aluminium fascia. UV-Resistant silicone. 
    BATTERY : USB Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
    ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Helmet mount, 2x interchangeable straps for front light, USB charge cable.